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Tuesday, June 28, 2011
Best Mommy Ever - Happy Mother's Day
Here is a great picture of Trish and her ladies on Mother's Day this year.
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011
Happy 35th Birthday to Me
Trish and the girls got up early on my birthday this year to surprise me with breakfast and an array of gifts that included painted pictures from the girls and a brand new iPad2.  The girls even got dressed up their favorite Notre Dame t-shirts. 
Later that day the girls and I were treated to our very first Yocco's hot dogs for dinner.   Yummy!
Thanks Dilg Ladies!
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Thursday, February 17, 2011
What Kids Hate Bubble Baths? - Ours Do (Except for Addison)
The girls have really been loving their baths recently so we thought we would try out a bubble bath tonight for the first time.  All kids like bubble baths right?  Not exactly.
Both Clare and Mary started freaking out the moment they got into the tub.  Addison on the other hand loved every minute of it.  While the other two were crying, she was laughing her head off.  I am guessing since Addison's favorite book is Bubbles Bubbles, she felt right at home.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011
Our Little Girls Are Growing Up
May I cannot believe the girls will be 20 months old next month.  It is really amazing how grown up they are.  Each of them have a very distinct personality developing. 
Addison is kind of a free spirit who loves to be held and enjoys eating.  She is attached to her little bunny blanket given to her by Aunt Amy and Uncle Paul.  One of my favorite things about Addison is that she smiles and claps everytime someone says "Go Irish"
Clare is a little controlling and the boss of the group.  Although it is funny when she is around someone new, it is a complete 180 and she becomes super shy.  She is a great helper and loves bringing the other girls their blankets, pillow pets, snack cups and sippy cups when asked.  She is also quite the daddy's girl.
Mary is typically a happy little girl.  She is very ticklish which brings out her amazing little laugh. She loves cuddling with Mommy on the couch while watching Blues Clues.
All of them are beginning to say some words and we are working on sign language.  I have to admit, seeing Clare hand me her snack cup, giving me a little sad face and doing the sign for "more" is the cutest thing ever.
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011
Cutest Kids - Heck Yeah!
Just look at these cuties!
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Thursday, December 23, 2010
Christmas (a little early) with Grandma and Grandpa
We celebrated Christmas with Andrew’s family on the 11th at his sister Danielle’s house and the girls were quite excited to get into the festivities. His parents gave them their first doll babies and they just love walking around playing with them. I caught Mary talking to hers when I looked in on her at bedtime and Clare tries to put food in the doll’s mouth. Addy likes to take hers for walks in the stroller and buckle it into the high chair. I can’t believe they are actually playing now. I am just excited for Barbies personally. I hope they let me play!!
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Thursday, December 23, 2010
Playdate with all our Chicago friends
While in Chicago I got to meet up with four college friends who all live in our old neighborhood. Kelly Riley hosted at her place and there were 5 adults and 11 kiddos. Yikes!!! The girls loved romping around with everyone and I loved catching up with everyone. I know I don’t get to see them as often now that we moved but it’s so nice that no matter the distance or time between us we can always get together and enjoy!!
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Thursday, December 23, 2010
Road trip to Chicago!
After we got back from California we were home for about a week and then off to Chicago!!! We knew it would be a busy week since Andrew had his company work party, we were visiting his family, seeing friends, and attending our friend Bill Witchger’s wedding in Indianapolis. During those 11 days we hauled pack and plays from a hotel, Andrew’s sister’s, Andrew’s Aunt, back to his sister’s then to the hotel for the wedding. Lots of pack and play hauling but all worth it. Was so good to see everyone and I am always so proud of the girls for being able to adjust and sleep in different places. Even though our daily activities were always different we always got the girls to take an afternoon nap and go to sleep at their bedtime. I find this keeps them happier and makes adjusting when we get home so much nicer.
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Thursday, December 23, 2010
California life is great!
Over Thanksgiving we were lucky enough to spend a whole week at my Aunt Audrey and Uncle Dave’s house. We had been wanting to make a trip for a while but waited until the girls were walking. Aunt Audrey was such a wonderful host and had prepared meals before we even got there so we could all just relax and not attempt to bring 16 people out to meals. It was such a nice treat to sit in the backyard in November on the hammock with the girls and just feel the sun! The girls had a ball since Aunt Audrey has quite the collection of toys. I loved seeing Uncle Dave holding the girls in the morning and reading the paper. My cousin Ryan’s baby Emma got some entertainment since the girls likes to point at her and say Baby! That is their new favorite word. I wish I could have stayed there for longer, it is just such a good time getting together with our family! Andrew was quite pleased he got to go to the ND vs USC game with my cousin Ryan.
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010
Our First Disney Trip
The girls went to Disney!!! While we were in California my wonderful cousin Jayme got us all free passes to the park so Jayme, her husband Ryan and daughter Emma, all 5 of us, my sister’s whole family, and my cousin Erin all headed out with matching t-shirts made of course by Jayme. We spent about 5 hours in Fantasyland and the girls got to ride on the Dumbos and It’s a Small World. It was so neat to have them be there and experience all of that for the first time. We will certainly go back in a few years when the girls are a bit older and I am guessing somehow in full princess mode. All of my family was so wonderful about keeping track of the girls and taking them on rides since we wanted to let them out of strollers as much as we could and unfortunately Andrew still wasn’t cleared by his back doctor to lift babies. We headed home with Minnie ears and soft pretzels and just loved the day!
Check out the other pictures of our Disney trip.
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010
Clare Keeps Track of Her Sisters

Clare has become somewhat of a helper...aka...brown noser. If someone is doing something they shouldn’t like climb up the couch and start biting on the mantle (yeah this happens) I will tell them no and get down. Well Clare takes this as her cue to also stand there next to me and yell some babble which usually includes some form of their name. Pretty cute.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010
Hide and Go Seek

The girls are starting to really play and interact with each other and my favorite thing to watch is them playing hide and seek. One will hide somehwere, usually next to the refrigerator and wait there until I notice and say “Where’s Addy?” and then the other two will go looking and when they are found everyone cracks up and then another girl will hide in that same spot and this goes on for quite a while.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010
Pumpkin Painting!
After the girls got a taste of water colors at school I decided we should be brave and try this at home. So we picked out pumpkins at the patch and decided to finger paint them. I put each girl in the highchair (one at a time while Ben and Hanna entertained the other two) and gooped paint on their trays. Total fun and I was surprised how careful they were, I was fully expecting to be wiping down walls and throwing them in the bath but I think they were just so curious about the goop on their hands they played it safe!
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The girls have a new love for coloring these days. They first discovered crayons at the gym kid care and more or less just wanted to eat them so I figured we better have them around at home so they could realize coloring with them was way more fun than eating them. It is pretty funny to watch them all try to color. Clare likes to make a mark or two and then ask for a new page. Mary will color and then ball up her page and Addy just likes to hold as many crayons as she can. Love watching them develop their artist skills!

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010
School Days!
The girls have been attending a 1 year old program at a local church on Mondays from 9 – 12p. A friend of mine told me about it who used to teach there and at first I was hesitant to leave them for so long but now they love it! Each week Andrew and I bring them together. It ‘s nice to have him there so the girls can all walk into the school and to their classroom. When I pick them up I use the stroller and always bring home a craft they made. The teachers are wonderful and somehow get their little handprints painted on paper to make Santa, Rudolf, turkeys, spiders, you name it!
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